Smelting deparment

Extracting gold and silver from ores. Selling ingots to the Takehara Smelter.

Casting of dore bullion (gold and silver alloys) ingots

At the only Whole-sliming cyanidation smelter in Japan, we extract gold and silver from gold ores through energy-efficient, fully mechanized Processes.
First, a crusher breaks gold ore into pieces, a conical mill grinds it until it is slimy, then a Processing liquid is added to dissolve andextract gold and silver.
The extract is filtered by a sand filter tank to become a cleaned liguid. Gold and silver contained in the liguid are collected by a displacement reaction process as gold- and silver-bearing slimes.
The collected slimes are turned into dore bullion (gold and silver alloys) in a refining process to become recognizable metals for the first time.